The Aniitraga are multiple, human sized ant-like Space Beasts. They are the "cannon-fodder," as they are numerous and easily killed.

Subtitle: Ant Space Beast

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Antennae Rays: The Aniitraga can fire weak energy beams from their antennae.
  • Claws: The Aniitraga have large claws.


The Aniitraga resemble humanoid ants with four legs. They are furry at some parts and smooth and armored at others. Each have two large claws and long antennae that can fire weak energy rays from them. They stand around seven feet tall.


  • The Aniitraga are based on Arakunia, ant-like space beasts from Ultraman Nexus.
  • The Aniitraga have an unknown connection to the Buguzaras.