Ultra ColorsEdit


Red Ultras are stronger than any other type of Ultra, but are slower and do not have as strong beam attacks.


Blue Ultras are faster than any other type of Ultra, but are not as physically strong. They have better beam attacks, and can heal wounds easily.


Yellow Ultras are between red and blue Ultras, and excel at energy manipulation


Black Ultras are in the middle between red, blue and yellow. If they absorb energy from another Ultra they will gain characteristics of that Ultra's color. (Example: if a black Ultra receives energy from a red Ultra, he/she will become physically stronger.)

Organs and Skeletal StructureEdit


Ultra Organs are made of semi-solid light energy.


Ultras have light instead of blood, and can bleed it if cut by something such as monster teeth, claws, etc.

Skeletal StructureEdit

Ultra Skeletons are made of an organic harder-than-steel material that can conduct energy.

Protectors and ArmorEdit

Some Ultras have the same material as their bones on their chests, called Protectors. Some Ancient Ultras have stone-like armor covering a majority of their body.

Ultra BeamsEdit

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