Ultras in the Giz Universe have a complex body system, described here.



The color Red signifies that ultra has good strength.  Red Ultras are naturally the strongest.  However


Blue Ultras are faster than Red Ultras.  They do have lower strength, however.


The color Yellow signifies powerful energy attacks.  Their strength is in between that of Red and Blue Ultras.


Green Ultras can draw on mana for power.  Their speed and energy attacks are between those of Blue and Yellow Ultras


Black is a common color for evil ultras, but only two good ultras have black.  This signifies their mental strength.


Multicolored Ultras have all the powers of their component colors.

Body SystemsEdit

Color Timer and Cardiovascular SystemEdit

Ultra BloodEdit

An Ultra's blood is made up of a inert liquid similar to that in our veins (Plasma); however, this liquid is charged with Specium Energy.  This is why it glows like light and has anti-gravity properties.

Color TimerEdit

The color timer is made of a super strong material called Space Keratin.  This material is the Ultra equivalent of Keratin, the material in human fingernails.  Glowing Ultra Blood circulates under the color timer, causing it to glow.  The color timer changes color and vibrates after a certain amount of time, creating a beeping noise and a flashing effect.


The Heart of an Ultra delivers Specium-charged Ultra Blood to the rest of the body.

Ultra ArmorEdit

In GeneralEdit

Ultra Armor is made of special energy strings, which are the equivalent of human cells.  This armor channels Specium and Light Energies, and in rare cases, Mana. 


Ultra Arms channel energy through grooves to fire ray beams.  These arms can also absorb energy attacks.


These can absorb energy attacks and fire energy slashes.  They channel energy for attacks.


By channeling Ultra Blood, the legs can create stellar propulsion and anti-gravity effects.


An Ultra Mind can use powerful telepathy, such that some can lift beings of equivalent size high into the air.



Ultra Intestines process light energy absorbed through the skin into Specium.  These then send the Specium to the bloodstream.

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