Alien Zarab
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Gender: Male
Age: Unknown
Height: 40 meters
Weight: 20,000 tons
Home world: Planet Zarab
Type: Alien
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Family None
Affiliation Inhabitants of Planet Zarab
Created by Tsuburaya Productions


Alien Zarab appeared in ULTRAMAN.

Subtitle: Evil Alien (凶悪宇宙人, Kyōaku Uchūjin



Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Alien ZarabEdit

  • Psychic Attack: Zarab can launch a very painful mental assault with the rising of his hand  Even an Ultra isn't able to resist for long.
  • Missiles: When at a giant size, Zarab can launch explosive missiles from the tips of his fingers.
  • Imitation: Zarab can mimic other organisms, such as humans or Ultras
  • Size Change: When needed, Zarab can change his size, from that of a man’s to that of a giant’s.
  • Flight: Zarab can fly at extremely slow speeds.
  • Translator: Zarab has a translator that lets him speak Earth languages.
  • Bindings: Zarab can imprison organisms in metal rings that can only be broken by salt water, such as tears. The more the prisoner struggles, the tighter the bands become, crushing them.

Imitation UltramanEdit

  • Specium Ray: Imitation Ultraman can fire a weak version of the Specium Ray.
  • Ultra Slash: Imitation Ultraman can fire a weak version of the Ultra Slash.