Alien Regulan were a race of alien beings bent on invading Earth that appeared on episode 7 of the Ultraman Tiga fan fiction. Only one member of the species survived as TPC destroyed a ship filled with the alien, abandoning his race as he ends up capturing Captain Razif of Space Station Delta for his invasion plan.

Subtitle: Malignancy Alien (悪性腫瘍宇宙人Akushōshuyō Uchūjin)


  • Height: 2.4 ~ 60 m
  • Weight: 180 kg ~ 52,000 t
  • Origin: Planet Regulan


Ultraman TigaEdit

Aln Rgln

Alien Regulan

Alien Regulan was known for his wickedness and his treachery. One day, he approached the Space Station Delta. After Captain Razif Syauqi Adriananta (Nurul’s father) sent five warnings, Regulan was prepared to use his laser blasters. However, the blasters had trouble, so before TPC was forced to destroy his spaceship, he himself left the spaceship in an escape pod (dubbed the Valketta) while his child and wife died. After TPC called Captain Razif and his co-worker back to Earth, Regulan attacked them and crashed their rocket. Nurul left for the site before the rest of GUTS left as well. After landing, Regulan killed the co-worker and captured Captain Razif. Then, as GUTS arrived, Krishna found Nurul, but the two were discovered by a hologram of the alien, who then captured Nurul and began to torture her with electricity on the cross. Captain Razif then tried everything to rescue her, but couldn't due to a force field. He then revealed Regulan's treachery. Regulan was just about to kill the father and daughter when GUTS arrived. Regulan then teleported out of his Valketta and enlarged himself. GUTS came outside and Krishna transformed into Ultraman Tiga. After a short battle, Regulan clearly couldn't defeat Tiga. He then took off for the sky but was caught up by Tiga in Sky Type. The two clashed and Regulan fell to the ground once again. There, he tried to attack Tiga with a giant metallic letter but failed. He then pretended to surrender but ambushed our hero and tried to choke him to death. As Tiga's color timer began to blink, Nurul and her father in the GUTS Wing 1 attacked the alien. The hero and alien then engaged in a beam battle of Regulan’s energy beam against Tiga’s Ranbalt Light Bomb. Regulan was quickly overpowered and then destroyed by the light bomb.

Powers and WeaponsEdit

  • Energy Balls: Alien Regulan can fire balls of energy from his hand. They are moderately powered and can cause large explosions.
  • Energy Beam: Alien Regulan can shoot a beam of incinerating energy out of his hands, capable of reducing humans into ash.
  • Hologram: Alien Regulan can materialize a hologram of himself to patrol outside his Valketta should he is too busy to deal with matters inside his Valketta.
  • Capture Mist: Alien Regulan can release a mist from his hands. The mist will take away the victim and automatically place them on the cross in his Valketta.

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