Alien Pitt was the first alien opposition that GUTS faced, a terrorist from the planet Pitt who came to Earth to plunge it into eternal darkness with her bioweapon, Eleking.

Subtitle: Transformation Alien (変身怪人 Henshin Kaijin)

Stats Edit

  • Height: 1.7 m
  • Weight: 52 kg
  • Origin: Planet Pitt


Ultraman TigaEdit

Alien Pitt maxx

Alien Pitt. In the mainstream universe they're usually seen in pairs, but in the fanfic only one appeared.

The demented creator of Eleking, Alien Pitt came to Earth with intentions of conquests in her mind, planning to plunge Indonesia and the world into darkness where she would rule. Bringing with her two capsules that contains her Elekings, Pitt was first seen when she oversee Eleking’s first attack on Jakarta. Later she adopted a human form, Dhea Safira, and joined Krishna and Ratih’s Archaeology class in order to blend into human society. Dhea later saw Krishna conversing with Yuzare regarding the young man’s identity as Ultraman Tiga, this in turn inspired her to challenge Earth’s newest guardian. Announcing her threats to the Indonesian society, Pitt unleashes Eleking once again but this time GUTS are ready, tracking the monster down to her hideout near the University of Indonesia. During this Krishna, Ratih, and GUTS visited her flat, forcing her to keep her agenda incognito for the time being. When Pitt releases Eleking for a third time, GUTS had already tracked Eleking down to her hideout and with her cover blown, she snaps and held Krishna and Ratih hostage as GUTS destroyed her prized creation.

Pitt wasted no time in unleashing her second Eleking, intending to continue her plan despite the death of her first Eleking. While GUTS were busy dealing with the second Eleking, Nurul of GUTS managed to sneak her way into Pitt’s hideout and releases Krishna and Ratih from the alien’s captivity. But soon Pitt caught Nurul red-handed releasing her hostage and with the element of stealth lost, Nurul was forced to engage Pitt in combat. As Krishna and Ratih made their way out of Pitt’s hideout, Nurul managed to kill Pitt by stabbing her on the chest with her Swiss army knife, even though the alien had managed to injure Nurul to the point of her unable to pilot her GUTS Wing 1.

Powers and WeaponsEdit

  • Eleking: Alien Pitt has two capsules that contain her bioweapons, a pair o Elekings. She can release them by throwing the capsules into the air, causing them to turn into green particles which materializes into Eleking.
  • Human Disguise: Alien Pitt can assume a human form to live amongst human society, a young woman named Dhea Safira, by clapping her hands. She can revert back by clapping as well.
  • Gun: In her true form, Alien Pitt is armed with a gun that can fire a pink energy ball, the strength of the energy ball is unknown.

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