The Alien Orochi were a pirate trio of alien brothers from the Star Soldier Nova Continuity.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Shared PowersEdit

  • Energy Bullets: The Alien Orochi can fire energy blasts from their left hands.
  • Boomerangs: The Alien Orochi have metal boomerangs on the shoulders of their suits.

Oldest BrotherEdit

  • Blade Arm: The oldest brother had a blade attachment on his right arm.
    • Skill: The oldest brother was highly skilled in using his blade.

Middle BrotherEdit

  • Mace Hand: The middle brother has a spiked mace attachment on his right arm.

Youngest BrotherEdit

  • Hook Hand: The youngest brother had a hook attachment on his right arm.


The Alien Orochi trio were pirates who attacked other aliens. They encountered Nova, and were defeated.


  • The Orochi Brothers were inspired by the Alien Magma.

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