The Alien Corsaar were a pirate trio of alien brothers from Star Soldier Nova.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Shared PowersEdit

  • Energy Bullets: The Alien Orochi can fire energy blasts from their left hands.
  • Boomerangs: The Alien Orochi have metal boomerangs on the left shoulders of their suits.

Oldest BrotherEdit

  • Blade Arm: The oldest brother has a blade attachment on his right arm.
    • Skill: The eldest brother is highly skilled in using his weapon, more so than the others.

Middle BrotherEdit

  • Mace Hand: The middle brother has a spiked mace attachment on his right arm.

Youngest BrotherEdit

  • Hook Hand: The youngest brother has a hook attachment on his right arm.


The Alien Corsaar trio were a group of pirates that preyed on other races, looting and killing for their own gain. They encountered Nova during one of their raids, ended up clashing with the hero, and were defeated.


  • The Orochi Brothers were inspired by the Alien Magma.