Alien Nackle are an alien race notorious of being “intergalactic traffickers,” who came to Earth to abduct young girls to be auctioned off in the intergalactic market to the highest bidder, basically a form of human trafficking only in an intergalactic scale. They operated on the island of Bali, Indonesia, and uses Ankra Hill as their base of operations. They also bring with them two monsters, Kelbeam and Black King, acting as their base’s guardians, warding off any suspicious locals and thus creating the “Ankra Hill Monsters” urban legend. The three Nackles are the main antagonists of the upcoming “Fantastic Five” two-parter of maxpower02’s Ultraman Tiga fan fiction.

Subtitle: Assassination Alien (暗殺宇宙人 Ansatsu Uchūjin)

Stats Edit

  • Height: 2 m ~ 52 m
  • Weight: 250 kg ~ 37,000 t
  • Origin: Planet Nackle -> Ankra Hill, Bali, Indonesia


Ultraman TigaEdit

Nackle mebius

Alien Nackle


Powers and WeaponsEdit

  • Human Disguise: The three Alien Nackles can disguise themselves as human beings to blend into society, with the leader assuming the codename “Boss,” and his underlings assuming the codenames “Dul” and “Gondrong.”
  • Size Change: The Alien Nackle leader can change his size from 2 meters tall to a towering 52 meters colossus. His underlings are also capable of doing so but they were killed off before they could do so.
  • Energy Bolts: The Alien Nackle leader, in his giant sized form, can fire light yellow bolts of energy from his eyes. These are barely powerful enough to hurt Ultraman Tiga.
  • Gun: The Alien Nackle leader, in his human sized form, wields a gun that can kill a human being in one shot.
  • Combo Attack: A tandem attack with Black King. First Black King held its opponent into place as Alien Nackle approaches them, before the alien kicks the opponent on the stomach. Black King then pushes the opponent towards Alien Nackle, which the alien replied with a powerful side kick on the opponent’s torso, before Black King finishes the combo with a two-handed slam on the opponent’s spine.
  • Martial Artist: The three Alien Nackles are capable martial artists, able to keep up with the combat-trained members of GUTS, Krishna, as well as the boyfriends of the Fantastic Five. In his giant sized form, the Alien Nackle leader can go head to head with Ultraman Tiga Power Type and match him in physical combat.

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