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Alien Nackle


Alien Nackle was sent by The Darkness One to put Caboose under his mind control, so he could kill the members of the EDF. Since Caboose was having headaches, the team laterally went inside Caboose and found Nackle looking for the idiot's brain. The Nackle injected himself with Darkness, turning himself into Dark Surged Alien Nackle. Max transformed into Ultraman Zach, and fought the alien and won by using the Fire Blast.


Physical AttributesEdit

  • Claws: when Dark Surged, Alien Nackle has claws.
  • Extreme Strength: When Dark Surged, Alien Nackle has enough strength to slam Zach back and forth multiple times.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Darkness Beam: though not seen in the show yet, Dark Surged Alien Nackle can shoot a beam of darkness from his hands.
  • Mind Control: Alien Nackle can mind control his opponent, that of which was to be used on Caboose, but it's hard to mind control someone when they don't have a brain isn't it?


  • Darkness Needle: Alien Nackle uses this to inject himself with Darkness.

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