Alien Melmac
Home world: Planet Melmac
First appearance: Alf episode 1 "A.L.F."
Latest appearance: Project: ALF
Height: 3.5 feet
Weight: unspeakable
Category: Seijin Fool's
Melmac cry

"I kill me!"

~Alien Melmac 'Alf'

Alien Melmac (メルまく星人, Merumaku Seijin?) is an alien that came to Earth after his spaceship was damaged. He landed somewhere in America in the Household of the Tanners. His activity on Earth was limited to breaking a few traffic laws and terrorizing the local household, and threatening National Security. These situations never seemed to get out of hand, and by the time an Ultra finally was sent to escort him off the planet, he had already left.

Subtitle: Insufferable Alien (耐え難い 宙人 Taegatai Uchujin)



After planet Melmac's destruction, the Melmac Alien named 'Gordon' made his way around the galaxy in his spaceship, until it broke and landed in a household somewhere in the American state of California. There he was taken care of by the Tanner family. The family constantly had to put up with his sarcastic attitude and mischevious behavior. The family's primary concern was keeping the creature, who they named ALF (Alien Life Form) out of trouble and away from the 'Alien Task Force', who were keeping an eye on the Tanner's ever since Alf's ship landed near their house. Alf somehow managed to make friends with several people during his stay on Earth, all of whom had to keep his existence a secret. After several years of constantly adapting to Earth culture, Gordon was called by survivors of Melmac, many of whom were his friends, who offered him to come join them on a new Melmac colony. After a heartfelt goodbye and a last-minute repair to his ship, Gordon departed Earth and went to join his friends. An Ultraman was sent to escort him to this new colony, but just missed him as he departed the planet. The case was considered closed among the garrison.

Other MediaEdit

Alf was very popular in the 80s, and had several spin-off shows, all of which were animated. Puppets and plushes of Alf were made, and an educational video game was produced for the Sega Master System. An alternate ending to the TV series titled 'Project Alf' was produced for DVD release. A rumored film is in the works, supposedly for 2015 release.


Alien Melmac
Melmac 1


Alien Melmacs are generally small by Earth-standards, and rarely get much bigger than a human child. They are known for their insatiable appetite and their affinity to consuming cats, which were the equivalent to cattle on Melmac.


  • Height: 3.5 feet
  • Weight: unspeakable
  • Origin: Melmac

Powers and WeaponsEdit

  • Mating Call: Alien Melmacs can emit a high-pitched squeaking noise from their oral passage which is used to attract a mate. It is very annoying to human ears.
  • Extaordinary Eater: Alien Melmacs only have ten major organs, eight of which are stomachs.
  • Evil Phase: At some point in every Melmac's life, their psychology takes a massive u-turn and they turn into something of a comic-book villain. When in this state, additional powers include ventriloquism.
  • Form change: Once in awhile, Alien Melmacs change "Bad".

Melmac Evil


At some point in every Alien Melmac's life, their psychology takes a massive u-turn and they turn into something of a comic-book villain. This form retains all abilities from the usual "Good" form, but gains extra powers.

  • Ventriloquism: Bad Melmacs can use ventriloquism.
  • Voice Imitation: Bad Melmacs can imitate voices.

Strong Alf

Crazy, Man!


This is an Alien Melmac's ultimate form. It never appeared in the series, and is just Eye-candy. It is much stronger than a normal human, and keeps all abilities from previous forms, but also gains some new ones.

  • Lime-light Addiction:
  • Attractiveness: Super Melmacs, surprisingly, are able to look attractive.



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