Alien Magnum (エイリアンマグナム, Eirianmagunamu) is an Sword fighter alien come from Neo Planet. He come to earth to invade the Planet and battle people who has a sword skill especially Ultraman Reuz.

Subtitile: Sword Genius Killer (剣天才キラー, Ken tensai kira)


Ultraman ReuzEdit

His human form is Principal Tojo who also the principal in Furoboshi High School, he is the one who cut through Hibiki Suzuki in the form of Ultraman Dark and Marina Honda to get the Darker Gale Doll inside her until she take's her last breath. He appeared at the second last episode of Ultraman Reuz series, Episode 13 The Last Hope.  

Body Features and ProfileEdit


  • Height: 45 meters
  • Weight: Around 70 kg
  • Planet: Planet Neo


  • Pawn Missels: He can fire a multiple missle from his hand.
  • Contact: He can contact human mind or simply controling him.
  • Maxima Flame: His Super attack. He can emit a flame from his body, gatherd into a Large sphear shape on his chest and fire to the oppenent.

Evolve Alien Magnum (Gremlin)Edit

Evolve Alien Magnum was called "Gremlin" who he betrayed Darker Being and use the Darker Gale doll and set in inside him so that he become his storng evolve form, Gremlin. But due to that, Haruto takes the last power of Marina giving him, the Engage Ring and Marina Inner Light that giving Haruto the second last power, Pink Sunshine, Reuz Sunshine defeating Gremlin forever but Darker Gale doll suddenly telepathy disappeared and it was revealed Darker Being was the one who mastermind of all of this in Episode final, Episode 14 : Youthful Hero.

  • Mega Maxima Flame : An upgrade his Super Attack. He can emit a flame from his body, gatherd into a Large sphear shape on his chest and fire to the oppenent.
  • Grem Blade : His blade on his hand, it's even stronger than Reuz Saber.
  • Reaper Missels : He can fire a stronger multiple missels from his hand.


  • Alien Magnum usually calle a Sniper or Rifle expert  but this alien only expert on Sword Fighting.
  • He is similar look like Alien Bat. 
  • But after his evolve, he look similar to Gremlin Evolve in Kamen Rider Wizard and Dark Mephisto Zwei head.

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