Alien Luna is a alien that appears in Ultraman One episode 4.It appearance is similar to that of Chaos Header.The monster he uses to disguise himself is Dinozaur Reverse.



Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Disguise:Alien Luna can disguise himself as another monster, doing this to trick other ultras to defeat them.
  • Energy Taking:By disguising himself , Alien Luna can take an Ultra's energy away.Matches One's Lunar Blade.
  • Energy Shield:Alien Luna can conjure a energy shield to protect himself from attacks.
  • Burst Ray:Alien Luna can fire a moon light from his orb in his head.Very powerful.
  • Paralysed Ray:Alien Luna can release purple lighting bolts from his eyes that paralyzed his enemies.
  • Light Bullets:Alien Luna can fire light bullets from his arms.
  • Psychic:Alien Luna can control his foe by using his minus energy abilities.
  • Revive:It is known that Luna can revive monsters or aliens out of own will.

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