Alien Icarus
Alien Icarus
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Gender: Male
Height: 50 m
Weight: 25,000 t
Home world/Origin: Planet Icarus (Another Universe)
Series: Ultraman Orion
Type: Alien
Affiliation None
Created by Tsuburya (Original

SolZen(Fan version)

Title: Another Universe Alien

A version of Alien Icarus that appears in the Orion Continuity.


In the Orion continuity, the Natives of Planet Icarus were previously wiped out for illegal research into Time Travel and Dimensional Energy, two forbidden forms of research. The first one was by them attempting to go back in time and stop the evolution of the Ultras and the second brand of research was discovered when they caused the appearance of spacial anamolies. This resulted in the Ultras eradicating the species and rendering the planet inhospitable.

This Alien Icarus is not from the Orion Universe, it is the survivor of a similar purge in another universe and has undergone modifications such as merging with a Dimensional Core. It entered the Orion univese with the intention of seeking revenge on the Ultras in form of conquering Earth.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Size Change: Alien Icarus can change his size at will.
  • Disguise: Alien Icarus can take on the form of a human, this diguise is an energy field.
  • Anamoly Core: Created by the power and hatred of the remains of his people it gives him powers beyond the average member of his species.
    • Phase Energy manipulation: Alien Icarus can generate Phase energy at will to fire of energy waves, , energy blasts, wormholes, dimension warps, portals etc.
    • Minus Energy manipulation: Alien Icarus can use minus energy to control monsters by infecting them with the feeling of hatred and revenge of his departed people.
  • Maser Field Projection: Alien Icarus can fire off an entense heat wave from his body.


  • The image used is from Ultraman Another Genesis, illustrations.

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