An Alien Guts named Garza is a member of the Flash Hunters.

Subtitle: Intelligent Tactician (知的な戦術家, Chitekina Senjutsu-ka)


Garza looks like most other Alien Guts, except that he has a crest like Garm. He wears light armor, as opposed to the heavier armor worn by the rest of the Flash Hunters.



Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Plasma Pistol: Garza has a pistol that fires energized plasma.
  • Hologram: Garza can create a hologram of himself.
  • Paralysis Ray: Garza can paralyze enemies with a blast of energy from his hands.

Official Zombiejiger BiographyEdit

"Alien Guts Garza is the tactician of the Flash Hunters, and one of the most intelligent. While far from powerless, he is not the strongest, and relies on his Plasma Pistol in combat. He has a friendship with the pilot, Dash."

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