Alien Guts


Alien Guts came to earth because The Darkness One ordered him to, this became a personal matter to him however when Guts created a bet with Tracy Wells. The bet was that if Guts defeated Ultraman Zach he and Tracy would swap ranks, if Guts lost against Zach, Tracy would have him as a servant. Alien Guts sent his robot, King Joe to lure Zach to a hillside, where Guts would crucify him. This tactic worked, and Guts crucified Ultraman Zach. The EDF knew they were in danger because the Captain had left earlier that day for a meeting in Tokyo, and Zach was Crucified. The remaining EDF members decided to anger Caboose to break Zach out of his cross, and it worked. Zach knocked Guts around a lot, the killed him with the Mega Gallium Ray.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Crucifixion: Alien Guts fires a beam from his hands that can crucify his opponent.
  • Darkness Beam: when Dark Surged, Alien Guts can fire a Darkness Beam from his hands.

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