Title: Shapeshifting Deviant


Their normal appearance is that of a feminine humanoids made of transparent pink 'jelly' with spiky coral chest armor. Their hair often appear as tendrils and their eyes and nervous systems are visible.


  • Height: Varies
  • Weight: Unknown


  • Shapeshifting: Gargonians can transform into almost any thing they see. All of their cells are similar to the skin cells of an octopus which can change its texture and color. They can also alter their biology to varying degrees. They are restricted by size and mass however.
  • Electric Shock: Due to their nervous systems nature they can generate powerful electric shocks, some can fire bolts from their hands.
  • Merger: They can merge their bodies.


Gargonians are natural tricksters and deviants, how they managed to reach space flight level is unknown and pondered upon by some scientists, but most would agree that they probably were enticed on the idea of pranking other races.

The Gargonians have broken the First Law and many Major Laws of the Galactic Law, they have started wars between races whose business had no effect on them and caused other atrosities in the name of 'good fun'. For these reasons the Universal Council condemned them to extermination. The Ultras and other races scortched their homeworld clean of life and cause their sun to nova, since then all Garganians are to be exterminated on sight and laws restricting shapeshifting were introduced into the Galactic Law. How many of their kind are still left in the universe is unknown but are suspected be at least endangered.