Alien Flip is an alien from Ultraman Zach. 
Alien flip

Alien Flip


Alien Flip had a plan, which was much like Alien Shaplay's plan, which was invade EDF HQ. The difference between Flip's plan and Shaplay's plan was that Alien Flip knew that Caboose was what stopped Shaplay from killing Max, so Flip shot Caboose in the back with a dart. The dart injected Caboose with a virus, so Flip thought no one could stop him. Flip surrounded the other members with his doppelganger and asked who was Ultraman Zach. Max Raised his right hand and transformed into Ultraman Zach, leaned over and said "I am Ultraman Zach". Flip grew in size and began shooting at Zach with his Dark Gattler, but Zach dodged. Flip got his partner Dorako to fight with Zach, while the alien shrunk again to fight the members. Flip was Dark Surged, and he charged at the members to stab them with the blades on his arms. John shot Flip in the face, killing it.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

  • Doppelgangers: Alien Flip can create fake holographic clones of himself. 
  • Size Change: Flip can change his size.
  • Darkness Beam: When Dark Surged Flip can shoot a beam from his hands.


  • Dark Magnum: A pistol that Flip uses. Resembles a handgun
  • Dark Needle: A needle Flip injects himself with to become Dark Surged.
  • Dark Gattler: A large machine gun Flip uses. it resembles a gattling gun.

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