Alien Dada

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Alien Dada was terrorizing people for a whole week, with three victims, an elderly man, a middle-aged woman, and a little girl. The EDF tried to catch a glimpse of the alien, to find out that it was Alien Dada. The Dada attacked a science lab, and shrunk 3 of the scientists. The team tried stopping it, but it grew larger. Max turned into Ultraman Zach, but the alien injected himself with Darkness. The alien and  Zach fought, and Zach killed the alien with the Decium Blast.


​Physical AttributesEdit

  • Face Change: Alien Dada can switch between 3 faces.
300px-Dada heads

Dada faces

  • Arm Blades: when Dark Surged, Alien Dada has blades on his arms

​Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Blade Shield: when Dada crosses his arm blades, a small shield will appear.


  • Darkness Needle: Dada injects himself with a Darkness Needle to become Dark Surged.

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