This article is about the Characters that appear in the Ultraman Zach Series. For the species, go to Alien Baltan (Zach Continuity) (Species).

""I am the smartest darkness surged being yet! Ho ho ho ho!" "

―- Darkness Surged Alien Baltan to Ultraman Zach
Alien Baltan
Baltan Giz
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Gender: Male
Height: 50 Meters
Weight: 20,000 Tons
Home world/Origin: Planet Baltan
Series: Ultraman Zach
Type: Alien
Affiliation The Darkness One
Created by Brian Haughton


Alien Baltan IEdit

O​ne day an alien spaceship landed in the city, and cloaked itself. The EDF received a transmission from the alien, saying he would activate a bomb if the EDF interfered with his nefarious plans. The alien had no bomb, so It caused havoc. Since the EDF didn't help defend the earth, the citizens revolted. This was the Baltan's evil plan. The EDF had no choice but to attack. The Baltan had not expected this so he retreated. The Darkness One had send down a darkness surged monster which the Baltan mindlessly attacked. The Baltan and Monster dueled in space until the Baltan killed the monster but the Darkness from the monster entered the Baltan, turning it into Dark Surged Baltan. The Baltan realized it's new found powers, and returned to Earth. 

Max turned into Ultraman Zach and Fought The Baltan, which was a troubling fight for Zach, but Zach ultimately won.

​Alien Baltan IIEdit

Alien Baltan appeared as one of Ultraman Jet's Minions in the episode: Ultra From Hell Phase II, he was defeated by Ultraman Kain's Kellium Shot.