Alien Baltan
Alien Baltan UVG
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Gender: Varies
Height: Mico~50 meters
Weight: 0` 15,000 tons
Home world/Origin: Planet Baltan
Series: Ultraman Versus Godzilla
Type: Alien
Affiliation None
Created by Tsuburya Productions


The incarnation of Alien Baltan that appears in the Ultraman Versus Godzilla series.




  • Height: 0~50 meters
  • Weight: 0~15,000 tons
  • Home World: Planet Baltan

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Claws: Alien Baltan's claws are able to fire several different types of energy beams.
    • Heat Ray: He can fire powerful heat rays.
    • Gravity Storms: His claws can generate gravity storms, warp gravity.
    • Freeze Ray: His claws can fire low temperature beams that freeze targets.
    • Masers: He can fire power masers.
    • Stasis Beam: He can fire a beam that freezes objects in a temporal sense, it does not affect Ultras.
  • Exoskeleton: Baltan's skin can with stand bullets and conventional missiles, only powerful lasers and blows from monsters or Ultras can hurt it.
    • Molt: If he sustains too much damage he can molt he skin, rejuvenating his body and gaining a new exoskeleton.
  • Flight: Baltan can fly under his own power.
  • Telepathy: He is telepathic
  • Assimilation: He can merge with another being and control them.


  • The picture was drawn by Matt Frank (Kaijusamurai on Deviantart).