Omega Zetton
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Gender: Male
Height: Varies
Weight: Varies
Home world/Origin: Monster Graveyard
Series: Ultraman Giz
Type: Kaiju
Affiliation Gurnate (Master)
Created by DucantheChoju
Ω-Zetton is Ultraman Giz's final opponent and one of his deadliest foes, nearly killing him and taking Giz, Ultraman M, Ultraman Gardon, Ultrawoman Gemini and Ultraman Shata a lot of effort to defeat.

Subtitle: Ultimate Space Dinosaur Beast (究極合体宇宙恐竜, Kyūkyoku gattai uchūkyōryū)



Small Ω-Zetton looks like a regular Zetton


Giant Ω-Zetton looks like a regular Zetton, except for these lumps all over his body, which can grow into giant sabers like Gigant Hyper Zetton, or spears like Apatee, and his openable wing covers, which allow him to fly.





Small Form: The disguised adult form, to grow it consumes fire, coal and silver.

Height: 50 Meters

Weight: 15,000 Tons

Ray AttacksEdit

  • 10-Quadrillion Degree Fireballs: From his face, Ω-Zetton(S) can fire extremely hot fireballs. These can be charged up to be bombs strong enough to cause large wounds on even strong ultras.
  • Laser Bust: Ω-Zetton(S) can charge and fire a powerful beam of dark energy. This can be fired from any part of the body, or from the full body. Can horribly wound even the strongest ultras.
  • Teleport: Similar to the original Zetton, Ω-Zetton can teleport short distances to fool his opponents.

Physical AttacksEdit

  • Claws: Ω-Zetton(S) can morph his hands into claws. These are sharp enough to cut even ultra armor.
    • Power Slash: Charging the claws with energy, he can slash opponents with enough force to knock even ultras back.

Other TechniquesEdit

  • Feed: Ω-Zetton(S) can feed on fire, coal and silver.
  • True Form Transform: Ω-Zetton(S) can process his stored food into raw power to become his true form.

True Form

Giant Form: Ω-Zetton's true form, an almost unstoppable planet-killer.

Height: 240 Meters

Weight: 210,000 Tons


  • Supercharged Fireballs: Giant Ω-Zetton can charge and fire massively powerful fireballs from his face. These can destroy entire city blocks in one shot, or charged up as bombs that focus the force of a nuke into a small area.
  • Super Laser Buster: Giant Ω-Zetton can fire an incredibly powerful beam of dark energy from his hands. Can block all but the strongest attacks, and destroy entire cities.
  • Scythes: From the lumps on his back, Giant Ω-Zetton can sprout giant scythes. These can slash hills apart.
    • Powered Slice: Using the scythes, he can perform a powered-up version of the Power Slash. Very powerful.
  • Wings: Giant Ω-Zetton can open the armor on his back and fly. Top speed: Mach 3